For years there has been a war between the ecoterrorists and the hygiene multinationals who hold the toilet paper monopoly and all the toilet products.
Suddenly ecoterrorists decide to blow up a BigBanana's lab without knowing that he was experimenting with a new cleanser, code name 800A.
Toxic exhalations expand into all the homes of the world by exterminating common people. Only the fools survive, to whom, it is not known why, chemical exhalations have given super ridiculous powers.
And here's where the player comes into action, in the shoes of a madman on a normal day of madness!


The player will have the tough task of reorganizing the fate of the planet in the new scenario that was created. customizing his avatar with bizarre weapons and unlikely enhancements, wandering alone or in a group looking for resources that will allow him to increase his fighting skills and finally build alliances to get control of small villages or entire cities.


Here are just a few of the features found in the game